Rare 1968 Corvette: Original Survivor with Unique History

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Rare Find Original 1968 Corvette with Unique History Up for Sale

1968 marked a significant year for muscle car enthusiasts with notable launches from Plymouth, Dodge, AMC, and Chevrolet, including the third-generation Chevrolet Corvette, known as the C3. Succeeding the beloved C2, the C3 Corvette lived up to expectations with its striking design and impressive performance.

Inspired by the Mako Shark II, the C3 boasted an aggressive yet stylish appearance, characterized by its “coke bottle” shape. Under the hood, it offered potent engine options, including a base 327-cubic-inch V8 with 300 horsepower and a range-topping 427-cubic-inch big-block producing up to 435 horsepower.

Rare Find Original 1968 Corvette with Unique History Up for Sale

The C3 Corvette proved popular, setting sales records in its inaugural year and maintaining strong demand throughout its production run until 1982, becoming the longest-running Corvette generation.

In 2024, early C3 models, particularly those from 1968-1972 with high-compression powerplants, remain highly sought after by collectors. Special editions like the ZL1, ZR1, and ZR2 further enhance the model’s desirability, while unique features add to their rarity.

One such example is a first-year 1968 Corvette, boasting originality and rare specifications. With only 9,936 coupes produced, this International Blue variant stands out for its minimalist configuration, featuring limited options and equipped with a rare three-speed manual gearbox.

Beyond its rarity, this 1968 Corvette retains its originality after 56 years, preserving its paint, interior, and matching-numbers V8 engine. Despite minor imperfections typical of its age, it remains a remarkable survivor, offering a glimpse into automotive history.

Currently available for bidding in Foxboro, Massachusetts, this Corvette represents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire a piece of automotive heritage.


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