Rare Find: 1968 Autumn Bronze Firebird Auction Sparks Frenzy

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An eBay listing boasts a rare find: a 1968 Firebird painted in the elusive Autumn Bronze hue, a color reportedly limited to only 1,000 units out of over 107,000 produced that year. Seller mjmsup1 showcases the car’s impeccable condition, capturing attention with its unique allure.

While the Firebird isn’t flawless, its allure is undeniable. With matching numbers and a robust 350 V8 engine, it offers a promising canvas for collectors. The seller, the third owner, provides a glimpse into its history, highlighting its low mileage and originality.

Though sporting a few aftermarket upgrades, including custom headers and exhaust, the Firebird retains its authenticity. Original documents and a compelling backstory accompany the sale, adding to its appeal for enthusiasts seeking a rare gem.

Despite the seller’s reluctance to part ways with the Firebird, circumstances necessitate a quick sale. Moving to London prompts the need for a new home for this prized possession, sparking a spirited bidding war among eager buyers.

Dana Phio

By Dana Phio

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