Legendary Chevelle: SS 454 LS6 and SS 396 Revival in Restored Glory

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Launched in 1964 as Chevrolet’s inaugural midsize car, the Chevelle swiftly became a beloved icon in the automotive realm. Spanning three generations until 1977, the Chevelle left an indelible mark in the muscle car era, birthing potent iterations like the Z-16 and SS 396.

Arguably, the pinnacle of the Chevelle lineage is embodied by the SS 454 LS6. Powered by a 454-cubic-inch (7.4-liter) V8 generating 450 horsepower, it reigned as the most formidable muscle car during its solitary year of 1970 production, making it the zenith of Chevelle performance.

However, the SS 396 also commanded respect, housing a 402-cubic-inch (6.6-liter) engine capable of producing 375 horsepower, rivaling the formidable Ford Mustang Boss 429.

While the LS6 stands as a rare gem, the SS 396 also holds scarcity, particularly in the exquisite condition seen here. This finely restored example, boasting a convertible top, ranks among the scarcer Chevelles produced in 1970.

Powered by the L34 engine, featured in 51,544 Chevelles that year, this particular model’s production number remains elusive. However, estimates suggest slightly over 2% of total production boasted a retractable top, making this specimen one of around 1,100 units produced.

Discovered and authenticated by 1970 Chevelle authority Patrick Glenn Nichols, this convertible boasts notable attributes. Laden with options, it retains its original matching engine and build sheet, notably being the earliest known 1970 convertible assembled at the Baltimore, Maryland plant.

Despite undergoing a meticulous restoration, a deviation from its original Fathom Blue color to Tuxedo Black occurred. However, this alteration, complemented by white stripes, a top, and a bucket seat interior, maintains its allure. Furthermore, a conversion from the original automatic gearbox to a four-speed transmission, though reversible, further underscores its authenticity.

Currently available for purchase, the decision lies with the prospective owner: maintain its current state or restore it to factory specifications.


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