1961 Impala Reclamation: Rust Challenges & Engine Upgrade

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1961 Impala Reclamation Rust Challenges & Engine Upgrade
1961 Impala Reclamation Rust Challenges & Engine Upgrade

What comes to mind when you see a 1961 Impala? For devoted Chevrolet enthusiasts, it’s likely the 1961 model year that introduced the renowned Super Sport. Initially, it debuted as a relatively modest “performance” enhancement, lacking the full suite of SS features that are now highly coveted.

Available for just $53.80, the package mainly comprised visual enhancements, with the Super Sport gradually evolving into a true performance package in subsequent model years. However, even without the SS package, the 1961 Impala remains an interesting machine. The example depicted in these images serves as proof, despite its challenging condition.

This 1961 Impala appears to have spent considerable time in what appears to be a salvage yard, with rust already encroaching on its undersides. eBay seller Guerrero’s Collectibles notes partial metal damage to the trunk floor, lower quarter panels, and floors, along with significant corrosion on the passenger side fender.

1961 Impala Reclamation Rust Challenges & Engine Upgrade
1961 Impala Reclamation Rust Challenges & Engine Upgrade (Credit: Impala)

Additionally, the car is missing some components, including the rear seats. Nonetheless, it does come with a complete dashboard (minus the ashtray), glove box, and other miscellaneous parts to aid in restoration efforts.

Under the hood lies a surprise for buyers uninterested in an all-original Impala. While it left the factory with a sluggish six-cylinder engine, it now boasts a 350 V8 engine, though specific details are not provided. The seller mentions that “we were told it runs,” but it will require attention, such as a new fuel tank or cleaning the existing one.

Opting for a 350 over the standard six-cylinder unit offers improved performance, particularly for those seeking a more exhilarating driving experience. However, a thorough inspection by a skilled mechanic is recommended to assess the engine’s condition.

Based on the provided images, interior restoration appears to be the primary focus, as the cabin is in rough shape. The car may have served as a donor for another project, necessitating careful examination for missing parts.

The 1961 Impala is priced at $22,500 by the owner, acknowledging its near-complete package. However, the “Make Offer” option is available for potential negotiations.

For those considering this Impala, it’s located in Bloomington, California. With 23 watchers on the listing, prospective buyers should act swiftly, as the listing expires in approximately 23 days, affording ample time to determine if this project aligns with their aspirations.


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