1965 Impala Super Sport: A Classic in Need of Restoration

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1965 Impala Super Sport
1965 Impala Super Sport

1965 proved to be an exceptional year for the Impala. With the debut of the Caprice, the introduction of new engines, and skyrocketing sales, the 1965 Impala claimed the title of America’s best-selling car.

This historical significance has made the 1965 Impala a sought-after model, although acquiring one isn’t as challenging as it may seem. Chevrolet produced over one million units in 1965, and many still exist today.

However, finding a well-preserved example poses a real challenge. Recently listed by eBay seller isoldmyz69, a 1965 Impala Super Sport is far from pristine condition but offers the potential to become a head-turner.

1965 Impala Super Sport
1965 Impala Super Sport (Credit: Impala)

Despite needing a complete restoration, being a Super Sport makes it a solid foundation for a project that could be significantly appreciated.

While the exterior condition is evident, let’s focus on the engine. The seller notes that the engine turns over, despite the car sitting idle for the last two decades. However, specifics about the engine are lacking, though the eBay listing suggests it’s equipped with a 350 V8.

While this Super Sport could serve as a parts donor, there’s hope that someone will undertake a complete restoration. Priced at $4,500, the owner is firm on the price, with no other offers being considered.

With 32 interested parties watching the eBay listing and only two days left in the auction, the fate of this Impala Super Sport hangs in the balance. Let’s hope it finds a new owner who sees its potential for restoration rather than dismantling it for parts.


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