1964 Thunderbird eBay Find: Rare Classic Car in Pristine Condition

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1964 Thunderbird eBay Find
1964 Thunderbird eBay Find

The peak of the new Thunderbird generation came in the 1964 model year when Ford sold approximately 92,500 units. However, production gradually declined in the following years, dropping to 74,972 units in 1965 and 69,176 units in 1966.

One easy way to distinguish the 1964 release from later models in the fourth generation is by a change Ford made. The 1964 Thunderbird featured the “Thunderbird” name on the front hood, while later models transitioned to a simplified logo starting with the 1965 model.

A 1964 T-Bird recently appeared on eBay, listed by seller stillgottalotta, seeking a new owner. Initial observations suggest the car has few flaws, with only 5% of the vehicle needing attention, though repairs seem manageable.

1964 Thunderbird eBay Find
1964 Thunderbird eBay Find (Credit: Thunderbird)

The paint is largely original, with some touch-ups in the rear by a classic car shop. However, a closer inspection or third-party evaluation may be necessary to assess the quality of these repairs, particularly for collectors seeking perfection.

Listed on eBay with a starting bid of $10,000, the Thunderbird’s true value remains uncertain due to a reserve. However, given its condition, it’s likely to attract significant interest and may command a high price.

With bidding ongoing, interested parties have the opportunity to view the vehicle in person in Orange, California, and even take it for a test drive, provided its current state of functionality. Transport options are flexible, allowing for both driving and trailering, depending on the buyer’s preference and commitment to preservation.


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