Resurrecting a Relic: Salvaging Parts from a BMW E24

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Resurrecting a Relic
Resurrecting a Relic

Despite its dilapidated state, the 1990 BMW E24 caught Josh Gresswell’s eye, prompting an unconventional purchase. Left to decay in a yard for nearly two decades, the once-iconic coupe had succumbed to nature’s relentless grasp, with vegetation engulfing its exterior and wildlife claiming its interior.

Originally penned by renowned designer Paul Bracq, the 1990 BMW E24 635 CSi Highline boasted a powerful inline-six engine and sleek grand tourer aesthetics. However, years of neglect had taken their toll, rendering the car a shadow of its former glory.

Resurrecting a Relic
Resurrecting a Relic (Credit: Josh Gresswell | YouTube)

Undeterred by its condition, Josh saw potential in salvaging parts from the E24, particularly its bumpers, for his ongoing restoration project. Despite facing numerous challenges during its extraction, including a crumbling chassis and disintegrating body panels, Josh remained determined to salvage what he could.

While the E24’s restoration prospects appeared grim, Josh’s resourcefulness prevailed. Salvaging components like the engine, running gear, and headlights, he sought to recoup his investment and breathe new life into his own E24 project.

Though unconventional, Josh’s decision to acquire the E24 highlights the allure of salvaging rare parts from forgotten relics, even in the face of daunting challenges.

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