Rare 1961 Impala Bubbletop: Restoration Opportunity on eBay

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Rare 1961 Impala Bubbletop
Rare 1961 Impala Bubbletop

The Impala’s journey to prominence began in 1958, and by 1961, it had firmly established itself as a best-seller in the United States. That year marked the debut of a new-generation Impala, boasting significant changes such as the iconic bubbletop design and the introduction of the Super Sport package for a mere $53 extra.

The bubbletop design quickly captured the hearts of Impala enthusiasts, becoming synonymous with the model’s distinctive aesthetic. An original 1961 Impala bubbletop in pristine condition can command a price exceeding $100,000.

Rare 1961 Impala Bubbletop
Rare 1961 Impala Bubbletop (Credit: eBay seller pbr91114)

However, a 1961 Impala currently listed on eBay by seller pbr91114 presents a different story. This particular vehicle, while retaining its bubbletop charm, requires extensive restoration work to fulfill its potential. Displaying signs of neglect and likely sitting idle for an extended period, the car is a project in need of significant attention.

While the exterior may appear promising from certain angles, closer inspection reveals the extent of the restoration required. The metalwork remains largely solid, albeit necessitating typical undercarriage repairs. Interior components are conspicuously absent, indicating a comprehensive restoration effort ahead.

Despite its challenges, the allure of the bubbletop design continues to attract interest, with multiple bidders vying for ownership. Currently, the highest bid stands at $3,000, with several days remaining in the auction. Located in Giltner, Nebraska, this Impala represents a restoration opportunity for enthusiasts drawn to its unique charm.


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