The Challenges of Creating the World’s First Manual Dodge Demon

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Dodge Demon (Credits: Dodge)
Dodge Demon (Credits: Dodge)

Creating the world’s first manual Dodge Demon wasn’t a simple task, as ScrapLife Garage discovered when they undertook the ambitious project using a fire-damaged 2018 Demon salvaged from an auction. 

The project began with a burnt-out wreck of a 2018 Demon purchased from a salvage auction. The team had to restore the car from scratch, borrowing parts from other Dodge Challengers, including Hellcats, to replace damaged components.

Unlike Hellcats, the 2018 Demon only came with an automatic gearbox. Converting it to a manual transmission required innovative solutions due to parts mismatching and compatibility issues.

Integrating the manual transmission into the Demon’s electronic system posed challenges, as many components from Hellcat-derived Challengers required adaptors or workarounds to function properly. 

Dodge Demon (Credits: Dodge)
Dodge Demon Engine (Credits: Dodge)

Small oversights and unnoticed issues arose during the conversion process, requiring meticulous troubleshooting and problem-solving. For example, the fuel system and wiring harness needed modifications to ensure proper functioning. 

Adjusting the engine to run smoothly with the new manual transmission and fuel setup required careful tuning and calibration to optimize performance and reliability.

Despite the numerous hurdles, ScrapLife Garage successfully transformed the fire-damaged Demon into a one-of-a-kind manual transmission powerhouse. After overcoming various challenges, the rebuilt Demon impressed on the dyno, producing an impressive 826 horsepower and 696 lb-ft of torque.

The journey to create the world’s first manual Dodge Demon was filled with twists and turns, but the end result showcased the team’s determination and ingenuity in pushing the boundaries of automotive customization.


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