Tesla is Setting Out To Do The Impossible With Its Gigacasting 2.0

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Tesla has been one of the best car manufacturers for a very long time and has innovated on many fronts. One of which is to bring electric vehicles into the spotlight as well as the process of gig casting, which revolutionized the car-making process and has cut the cost and labor required greatly.

Tesla Model S
Tesla (Credits: Cars & Drivers)

This is a process that many other big companies will be implementing to strengthen their position and increase revenue as a whole. It has been very profitable for Tesla as the numbers that they have shown, and the cost of making these cars are very impressive and just goes to show how much innovation Tesla has brought with their success.

Because of this process, Model Y, in a “gigacasting” process, slashed the production costs. In this, what Tesla does is produces the front and rear structures of its cars with 6,000 to 9,000 tons of clamping pressure that has helped the company a lot, which is very time efficient and a huge money saver.

Tesla (Credits: Cars & Drivers)

Now, there is a new innovation breakthrough by Tesla that will cut the cost by half, which is insane when you think about it. It is a project that only a few people know about, which has been rumored to be true. This will catapult Tesla into the spotlight even more as it is said that it will start die-casting the entire underbody of an EV in one piece instead of 400 parts.

This New Method Will Be Very Revolutionary In The Car Industry

This is the strategy of the Chief Executive of Tesla, as he wants to make cheaper EVs at a very high rate while at the same time making a profit.

This process is called the unboxed model, which will consist of large sub-assemblies of a car all at the same time and afterward putting them together. Furthermore, the president of a U.S. engineering company, Terry Woychowski, said that if Tesla is able to pull this off, it will disrupt the way cars are designed and manufactured.

Furthermore, some sources have reported that the new design and manufacturing techniques that are going to be implemented by Tesla will be able to develop a car from the ground up in 18 to 24 months. Traditional, a normal car can take up to anywhere from three to four years, which is unreal and insane when you think about it.

The sources further added that the single frame, which is made by combining the front and rear sections as well as the middle underbody, could even be used in Tesla’s small EV that aims to launch with a price of $25,000 by the middle of the decade.

The Decision Haven’t Really Commented On This As Of Writing This

This decision hasn’t really made it to the final phase, as changes might happen because of changes to the design or something else. Furthermore, the company and the CEO haven’t confirmed this. It will be a very interesting time in the car industry as this innovation will be groundbreaking and will change the industry as we know it.


By Jayson O'Neil

Jayson is a car-o-holic, and you will often find him writing about cars & bikes here at DaxStreet. You can reach out to him at [email protected]

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