McMurtry Spéirling: Power-Packed Molicel Batteries

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McMurtry Spéirling: Power-Packed Molicel Batteries

Supercars incorporate rare materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, and Inconel. However, when it comes to components like spark plugs, they often share them with more common vehicles. Similarly, in electric vehicles, many manufacturers source their battery cells from suppliers, including smaller high-performance brands like McMurtry.

The prototype Spéirling by McMurtry holds the title of the fastest car globally, boasting a staggering acceleration to 60 miles per hour in just 1.4 seconds. Despite its impressive performance, the batteries it utilizes are not exotic.

Rather, they are sourced from mainstream suppliers well-known in other industries, particularly by those who indulge in nicotine consumption as a hobby.

McMurtry Spéirling: Power-Packed Molicel Batteries

Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, among others, produce cylindrical cells used in various devices from laptops to scooters. McMurtry’s choice of batteries comes from a slightly specialized Taiwanese company named Molicel, known for its power-dense chemistries suitable for high-current discharges.

The specific cell model, the P26A 18650, is readily available and identical to the one powering the Spéirling’s 60.0-kilowatt-hour pack.

Individual purchase of P26A cells, priced between $4 to $6 each at retail, is commonly motivated by hobbies like crafting custom flashlights or catering to nicotine addiction, particularly in the vaping community.

The characteristics of Molicel’s batteries, such as high capacity and discharge capability at the expense of cycle life, make them favored among enthusiasts seeking longer and more intense vaping experiences.

McMurtry Spéirling: Power-Packed Molicel Batteries

Despite their lower cycle life, Molicel’s batteries suit the needs of the Spéirling well, as the vehicle is seldom driven.

A typical Molicel cell may endure around 600 cycles at near-peak constant discharge before experiencing significant capacity degradation, which is acceptable considering Spéirling’s 60.0-kWh pack and infrequent usage typical of electric supercars.

In the production version of the Spéirling, McMurtry opts for slightly larger 21700 cells, specifically the P50B model from Molicel, known for its even more impressive performance.

These cells find applications in various industries, including electric vehicles, aircraft, flashlights, and power tools, eliciting excitement even among vaping enthusiasts on online forums.

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