GM Lyriq Update: Improved Features for Owners

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GM Lyriq Update: Improved Features for Owners

General Motors announced on Friday that Cadillac Lyriq owners can anticipate several enhancements to their vehicles in March, providing a glimmer of positivity amidst the somewhat turbulent launch of GM’s new electric platform.

The upcoming software update brings about a variety of improvements. Notably, Super Cruise, GM’s hands-off highway driving system, is expected to require fewer interventions from drivers post-update. Similar enhancements are on the horizon for the Lyriq’s hands-on adaptive cruise control feature, which autonomously follows lane lines and maintains speed alongside traffic, albeit under driver supervision.

GM Lyriq Update: Improved Features for Owners

Additionally, the update includes more user-friendly touchscreen controls for the garage door opener and glove box, along with enhanced performance in the myCadillac mobile app.

One advantage of today’s software-centric vehicles is the ease of upgrading them with new and improved features. Interestingly, Lyriq owners will need to visit a dealer to receive this forthcoming update, rather than being able to download it directly from the internet.

GM’s transition to a fully zero-emission automaker has encountered some bumps in the road recently. Production challenges with EVs utilizing its new Ultium battery technology, such as the Lyriq, have been evident. Sales of the Chevrolet Blazer EV were temporarily halted due to software issues, and the launch of certain new electric models has been postponed due to lower-than-anticipated consumer demand.

GM Lyriq Update: Improved Features for Owners

However, the Lyriq represents a bright spot amidst these challenges. Despite a slow start in 2023, GM managed to sell 9,154 Lyriqs last year, surpassing its other new EVs by a significant margin.

GM’s electric top sellers were the aging Bolt twins, comprising the Bolt EV hatchback and Bolt EUV compact SUV, which collectively accounted for 62,045 sales. It’s noteworthy that these models have been discontinued in their current form to make way for GM’s next-generation EVs.

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