Renault’s Iconic Revival: Modern Renault 4 Electric Prototype Spotted

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Renault's Iconic Revival Modern Renault 4 Electric Prototype Spotted
Renault's Iconic Revival Modern Renault 4 Electric Prototype Spotted

Renault’s ambitious revival of its iconic nameplates for the electric era extends beyond the Renault 5, with the Renault 4 also set for a contemporary makeover. A recent sighting of a prototype, captured on video by Car Spy Media, offers a glimpse into Renault’s plans for resurrecting this beloved classic.

The original Renault 4, affectionately known as the 4L, enjoyed a production run spanning over three decades until its discontinuation in 1994. Renowned for its versatility and available in various body styles, the Renault 4 holds a special place in the brand’s history alongside the Renault 5, making its revival a logical step for Renault.

Expected to bear the moniker Renault 4 E-Tech to signify its electric propulsion, the modern iteration will take the form of a subcompact crossover. While the design cues were initially showcased with the rugged lines of the 4Ever Trophy concept at the 2022 Paris Auto Show, the production version’s styling has been refined.

Renault 4 Electric Prototype
Renault 4 Electric Prototype (Credits: Renault)

With a length of 163.8 inches for the concept, the production model is anticipated to maintain a similar size, placing it slightly larger than the 154-inch-long Renault 5 E-Tech and on par with the dimensions of a Mini Cooper.

Underpinning the Renault 4 E-Tech will be the CMF-B EV platform, a product of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, also utilized in the Renault 5 E-Tech. Renault has developed a bespoke iteration of the platform, dubbed the AmpR Small, tailored to suit the needs of the Renault 4.

Similar to its sibling, the Renault 5 E-Tech, the Renault 4 E-Tech is expected to offer buyers a choice between 40 kWh and 52 kWh battery options, matched with corresponding electric motors delivering outputs of 120 hp and 150 hp. Additionally, the possibility of a dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration may also be on the cards.

Anticipate the debut of the Renault 4 E-Tech by late this year or early next, with sales expected to commence shortly thereafter in Renault’s key markets.

While pricing details are yet to be confirmed, it’s anticipated that the Renault 4 E-Tech will command a premium over the Renault 5 E-Tech, which is slated to start at €25,000 (approximately $27,250) upon its release later this year.


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