Doug and Mindy’s Bus Conversion: Retired Couple’s Cozy Mobile Retreat

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Meet Doug and Mindy, a retired couple with a combined 60 years of experience as transit bus drivers in Toronto, Canada. Following their retirement, they embarked on a remarkable endeavor, purchasing an old bus at auction and undertaking its transformation into a cozy mobile home.

Their project involved a 2009 MCI D4500 bus, extensively modified to suit their needs. Powered by an 11-liter engine and an Allison automatic transmission, the bus boasts 450 horsepower and achieves between 8 to 12 miles per gallon, offering commendable efficiency for its size.

Measuring 12 feet in height and 45 feet in length, with a weight of 45,000 pounds, it’s a substantial vehicle by any measure.

Despite its imposing stature, Doug and Mindy completed the conversion in a mere nine months, a testament to their dedication and tireless work ethic. The exterior features a distinctive yellow and blue finish, with abundant exterior storage provided by luggage bays accessible from both sides of the bus.

Equipped for off-grid living, the bus boasts an extensive electrical system comprising lithium batteries connected to solar panels, ensuring ample power supply. The interior reflects a thoughtful blend of functionality and comfort, adorned with vibrant hues and numerous decorative elements.

The lounge area features plush seating arrangements, while the kitchen is equipped with a range of amenities, including a spacious counter, stainless steel sink, refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. A sliding door leads to the bathroom, complete with a shower, toilet, and washing machine, offering all the comforts of home on the go.

The rear of the bus houses the bedroom, outfitted with ample storage solutions and a dedicated space for their pet dog. Doug and Mindy’s ingenuity and resourcefulness shine through in every aspect of their conversion, creating a personalized haven on wheels that embodies their adventurous spirit and zest for life.

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