Honda’s Electric Bet: Can the Ye Series Conquer China

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Honda ye lineup (Credits: Honda)

Honda is launching a whole new brand in China called the Ye Series, which will only sell electric vehicles. This isn’t just a one-off thing, either. Honda plans to have six Ye Series models on the road by 2027.

They’re hoping this new electric push will prove they’re serious about EVs. They even designed a special logo without any rectangles to show it’s a whole new electric era for them. The name ‘Ye’ itself is kind of cool and it comes from a Chinese character that means ‘shine brilliantly’.

Honda unveils its futuristic car in China (Credits: Honda)

According to Honda, that reflects their desire to let people who drive these Ye Series cars experience the joy of driving and really express themselves. So buckle up for a bright electric future from Honda, at least in China for now.

Forget the ‘shine brilliantly’ stuff for a moment because it seems Honda is taking a serious shot at the electric car market in China with the Ye Series. These aren’t just rehashed versions of existing gasoline models or tiny electric cars with batteries crammed underneath. Honda built a brand new platform specifically for the Ye Series called Architecture W.

While they haven’t revealed all the details yet, we do know it uses a special electric motor (either in the front or back) and high-performance batteries.

In classic Honda form, they’ve also prioritized handling with a double wishbone suspension in the front and a multi-link setup in the back. This suggests Honda is putting some muscle behind the Ye Series beyond just a fancy name.

Honda ye Lineup (Credits: Honda)

The Ye Series launch is accompanied by three vehicles: the S7, P7 (both production models), and the Ye GT Concept.

The S7 and P7 are essentially siblings: five-door, five-passenger electric crossovers aiming to compete directly with Tesla’s Model Y. These will be available in both rear-wheel drive (single motor) and all-wheel drive (dual motor) options with Honda promising a focus on sporty handling.

The press release offers some flowery descriptions of the P7 being sophisticated and the S7 being ’emotionally stimulating’; both vehicles appear to be stylish and well-designed EVs.

The Ye GT Concept is expected to arrive in 2025, offering a sportier design for the future.


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