No Gas for EQS: Mercedes Scraps Hybrid Plans After Testing

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Mercedes-Benz EQS
Mercedes-Benz EQS (Credits: Car and Driver)

Mercedes seems to be nixing the idea of a hybrid EQS. They were testing a prototype with a small, 1.0-liter gasoline engine as a range extender, meaning it wouldn’t power the wheels directly but would instead act as a generator to recharge the battery while driving.

However, according to an inside source and a recent report by Autocar, Mercedes is scrapping these plans.

They view this technology as a temporary solution that’s expensive to develop and doesn’t offer significant advantages. The tested EQS prototype reportedly used a two-cylinder version of their M254 engine and had a separate electric motor powered by a battery pack in the floor.

Mercedes EQS SUV
Mercedes EQS SUV (Credits: Mercedes)

Even though a tiny engine in the front wouldn’t have affected storage space. Mercedes has decided to ditch the hybrid idea for the EQS. Adding a combustion engine and a fuel tank would have made the car even heavier. The EQS is already a hefty vehicle with the base model weighing over 5,500 pounds.

Another factor in their decision is likely cost. A hybrid EQS would have been even more expensive than the current price tag, which already starts at over $100,000. So, for now, it seems like Mercedes is focusing on pure electric for the EQS.

While Mercedes is currently ditching the hybrid concept for the EQS, it’s interesting to note their partnership with Geely in late 2020 focused on developing hybrid powertrains. This collaboration includes Volvo, another company owned by Geely. This suggests Mercedes might not be completely abandoning hybrids forever.

However, for now, their priority seems to be pure electric vehicles. The new 2025 EQS is a testament to this, boasting a significantly larger battery that offers a maximum WLTP range of over 500 miles, potentially easing concerns about range anxiety for electric car enthusiasts. We will update this story with any further comment from Mercedes.


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