Audi’s Electric Throne: New RS E-Tron GT Performance Takes the Crown

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There’s a new electric champion in town. Audi is teasing the upcoming 2025 RS E-Tron GT Performance. Their version of the updated electric sports car. Similar to how Porsche introduced the Taycan Turbo GT, Audi is creating a new high-performance flagship.

It’s named the RS E-Tron GT Performance, mirroring the naming scheme of their gasoline-powered performance models like the RS6 and RS7.

While Audi promises more power than the current RS E-Tron GT’s 637 horsepower, they’re keeping specifics under wraps for now. The camouflaged car in the photos hints at some potential upgrades, though, with glimpses of ceramic brakes peeking through those aerodynamic wheels.

Audi's Strategic Moves
Audi’s Strategic Moves (Credits: Audi)

While the new Audi RS E-Tron GT Performance will likely be a beast, it won’t quite erupt with the same volcanic power as the top-of-the-line Porsche Taycan models. The Taycan Turbo S boasts a mighty 938 horsepower, and the even more ferocious Turbo GT jumps to a staggering 1,019 hp. Audi isn’t giving away exact numbers yet but they’ve mentioned improvements to both the front and rear motors.

Beyond just raw power Audi’s engineers have also focused on extending the driving range with an upgraded battery pack. For comparison the new Porsche Taycan offers two battery options: a base model with an 83.6 kWh net battery and a Performance Battery Plus with a usable energy capacity of 98.6 kWh.

Following the industry trend, charging speeds are getting a boost as well. The latest Taycan can now handle up to 320 kW charging, and Audi is expected to offer similar capabilities.

Porsche Taycan Safety Recalls Addressing Battery Fire Concerns
Porsche Taycan Safety Recalls Addressing Battery Fire Concerns (Credits: Porsche)

Audi has also developed a new and quicker-reacting suspension system for the RS E-Tron GT Performance and borrowing the basic design with four individual active dual-valve dampers from the new Porsche Panamera.

However, Audi engineers have tuned the suspension for a more comfortable ride compared to the sharper handling of the Taycan.

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