Gogoro Makes Battery Swapping Even More Sustainable

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A person swapping batteries at Gogoro's Battery stations (Credits: Gogoro)

Gogoro, a company known for its network of battery-swapping stations for electric scooters, is taking its eco-friendly aspect to the next phase.

They’ve already hit a major milestone with over 1 million swappable batteries in use and their network of stations (GoStations) is becoming a go-to option for electric scooter riders.

And here’s the exciting news.

Gogoro is adding over 15 brand new GoStations powered by 100% renewable energy sources. This means that not only do the electric scooters using these stations produce zero emissions while riding, but the electricity powering them comes from clean sources too.

Gogora scooter (Credits: Gogoro)

So, riding a Gogoro scooter with a battery swapped at these new stations is a double win for the environment. This adds to their existing network of over 2,000 stations, making it even easier to find a clean and convenient way to power your electric scooter ride.

They teamed up with tech giant TSMC to push eco-friendly transportation in Taiwan. Here’s what this partnership means:

  • More Green Stations: Gogoro is adding new charging stations powered by clean energy, especially in Hsinchu (TSMC’s headquarters city).
  • Expanding Scooter Sharing: TSMC’s city will also see an expansion of Gogoro’s GoShare e-scooter service.
  • Leading the Charge: Both Gogoro and TSMC are encouraging other companies and people in Taiwan to adopt sustainable practices.

This collaboration shows how big companies can work together to make a positive environmental impact.

Gogoro Scooter during its launch in india (Credits: Gogoro)

The Company doesn’t limit their battery swapping stations to just their own GoShare scooters. Other manufacturers can build electric scooters that use Gogoro’s batteries, giving riders more choices. This has led to a dozen non-Gogoro scooter models already using the existing network of stations.

Their batteries aren’t one-trick ponies. They’re finding innovative uses beyond powering electric scooters. For example, these batteries keep smart parking meters in Taipei running and even act as backup batteries for traffic lights. This showcases the versatility of their technology and its potential for wider applications.


By Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep (New Delhi) sparks electric vehicle enthusiasm with engaging content, empowering everyone to join the EV revolution.

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