Loveable Quirks & Retro Looks: The Microlino Electric Minicar

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A concept art for Microlino automobiles (Credits: Microlino)

The Microlino is a head-turner, for sure. This electric microcar boasts a retro design inspired by the classic Isetta bubble car, and oozes premium vibes. There’s truly nothing else out there quite like it.

However, let’s be honest, tiny cars aren’t exactly America’s love language. Safety concerns, worries about looking silly, and the feeling you’re not getting your money’s worth are all valid points. The Microlino doesn’t magically escape these criticisms. It’s loud, the ride can be bumpy, getting in and out isn’t the easiest, and let’s not forget the hefty price tag.

A Microlino car on a street (Credits: Microlino)

So, why even consider it? Here’s the thing: the Microlino is just so darn cute, fun, and quirky that it’s hard to resist. The manufacturer has managed to capture a certain je ne sais quoi, a special something, that’s often missing in bigger, pricier cars. The driving experience itself is unique and undeniably charming. It might not be the most practical choice, but the Microlino might just steal a place in your heart (and maybe even your garage).

he Microlino’s pint-sized stature had me worried about safety. In a high-speed crash, the lack of airbags and crumple zones paints a scary picture. However, the makers claim they’ve addressed this by using a steel safety cell encased in aluminum – a significant upgrade from the flimsy frames often found in similar microcars.

Last week, I put the Microlino to the test on the busy streets of Bucharest, Romania, my hometown. Bucharest’s traffic is notoriously chaotic, much like New York City, which wouldn’t seem like the ideal proving ground for this tiny electric car. Surprisingly, the Microlino felt surprisingly sturdy and stable. While it wasn’t a race car, it had enough pep to keep up with the flow of traffic, even in this bustling city.


By Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep (New Delhi) sparks electric vehicle enthusiasm with engaging content, empowering everyone to join the EV revolution.

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