Tesla’s Autopark: Great at Tight Spots, Slow on The Uptake

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Tesla during the autopark (Credits: Tesla)

Tesla ditched the old parking sensors in 2021, replacing them with a camera-based system called Tesla Vision. This meant features like Autopark and Summon were put on hold. But Tesla promised to bring them back using this new vision tech.

Over time, we’ve seen glimpses of a vision based Autopark, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride. In March 2024, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at upcoming improvements to parking assist features.

Here’s the exciting part: YouTube channel AI DRIVR got a sneak peek at the latest updates, and it looks like Autopark might have a new name – Banish! Their video shows the feature in action, giving us a great view of how it works from both inside and outside the car. It’s definitely worth checking out for a closer look.

Tesla’s dashboard during the operation of auto park (Credits: Jack Massey Welsh/ YouTube)

The reviewer wasn’t thrilled at first. Sure, you could choose your parking spot, but it took forever! Even in wide-open spaces, the car was super cautious, taking forever and even correcting itself for no reason.

There were other quirks. Parking lots with faded lines might be seen as “spots” by the system, leading to crooked parking. Other times, clear spots were completely missed. The car also seemed more focused on lining up with the parking lines than with other cars, which could leave you squeezed in way too close to get out.

Another big drawback: forget about pull-in spots or angled parking. This new system can only back into parking spots, ignoring anything else.

But there was a silver lining. When the reviewer tried a super tight parallel parking spot, the car aced it! It squeezed right in, leaving just a hair’s breadth between it and the next car. This is where this system shines – for those tricky spots where manual parking would be a nightmare. However, for everyday parking, you might be faster doing it yourself.


By Jayson O'Neil

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