Never Forgotten: Japan Holds Ceremony for Victims of China Airlines Tragedy

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China Airlines Flight 140 Taking off on the Doomsday (Credits: Federal Aviation Administration)

On April 26, 1994, a terrible plane crash happened in Japan. A China Airlines flight from Taiwan was approaching Nagoya Airport when it went down. This was the second-worst plane crash in Japanese history.

Out of the 271 people on board, only 7 survived. Most of the passengers were Japanese, but there were also people from Taiwan, China, and the Philippines.

crash site of the China Airlines 140 (Credits: Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)

What Caused the Crash?

The pilots accidentally switched a setting on the plane during their approach to land. This caused the plane to climb too high and then stall. The plane crashed and caught fire, destroying it completely.

Remembering the Victims

Thirty years later, a memorial ceremony was held in Japan near the crash site. Family members of the victims gathered to remember their loved ones. A memorial garden called “The Garden of Eternal Rest” is located near the crash site. Visitors can see the names of the victims listed there.

China Airlines Today

China Airlines is still operating today. It’s a major airline in Taiwan and flies to many destinations around the world.


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