Can You Really Trust an Electric Car for Long Trips?

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Pininfarina's Bruce Wayne-Inspired Electric Hypercars
Pininfarina's Bruce Wayne-Inspired Electric Hypercars

Electric cars are getting super popular, but lately there’s been a lot of negativity around them in the news. This doesn’t make sense because electric car sales are booming, charging stations are popping up everywhere, and car companies are all in on making them.

Some people seem really worried that electric cars will leave them stranded on the side of the road. Is this true? That’s the first myth we’re going to tackle in a new series called “EV Myths Discharged.”

This won’t be a sugar-coated promotion of electric cars. We’ll discuss some downsides too, because you need all the information to make an informed decision. If you’re on the fence about electric cars, this series is for you!

A driver Driving a tesla concept image

First up: the fear of running out of juice and getting stranded. Are electric cars really a recipe for roadside disaster? Let’s find out!

Breaking Down: Reliability

At first glance, things don’t look good for EVs. A recent study showed they have more problems than gas-powered cars. But there’s more to the story. Many EVs are brand new, and new models tend to have bugs. Also, some of the reported problems are with software features, which can be frustrating but won’t leave you stranded. Major issues, like battery problems, seem to be rare.

Unpredictable Mileage? Not Anymore

Another concern is how far electric cars can actually go on a single charge. EVs used to be terrible at predicting their range, but things are improving. Many new models consider things like driving habits, weather, and even road conditions to give you a more accurate estimate of how far you can go.

Tesla Model X Concept Art

Public Charging: Getting Better, But Not Perfect

Public charging stations can be unreliable, especially if you don’t own a Tesla and can’t use their Supercharger network. The good news is that more and more charging stations are being built, and a new standard is expected to make them even more reliable.

Power Outages: Not Just an EV Problem

Some people worry that electric cars are useless during power outages because you can’t recharge them. That’s true, but gas stations also rely on electricity to pump gas. During a recent power outage, many people realized they couldn’t get gas for their generators either!

Getting Stranded: Myth vs. Reality

Electric cars were in the spotlight during a major snowstorm when thousands of drivers got stuck on the highway. Some reports claimed electric cars were dangerous because they would run out of power and leave people freezing.

2024 Ford Explorer
2024 Ford Explorer 

While cold weather can reduce an EV’s range, running out of juice in traffic is unlikely. A test showed a Tesla could maintain a comfortable cabin temperature for over 45 hours, which is longer than most people were stuck in that snowstorm. In fact, if I had to be stuck in traffic for a day, I’d rather be in a comfy electric car with a fancy sound system!

So, will you get stranded in an electric car? It’s possible, but probably not any more likely than getting stranded in a gas-powered car. New technology is always improving, and electric cars are becoming more reliable and predictable.

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