Hennessey F5 Revolution: Snow Adventures & Speed Tests

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Hennessey F5 Revolution
Hennessey F5 Revolution

The Hennessey F5 Revolution finds itself in unexpected locations – here’s where it doesn’t belong but with the wrong answers only. A nursing home is a perfect fit. Library. Art gallery – spot on. Underwater Cave is debatable. Space station. Garden party you lost. I said ‘Wrong Answers Only,’ and that was exactly the right wrong answer.

Hennessey Special Vehicles proved me wrong the most power-dense combustion hypercar is surprisingly at home in water (mind the phrasing, please). America’s most radical contribution to this Third World War of Horsepower – the Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution – is one cool Texas machine of speed and power.

The order of precedence between the two attributes remains a mystery, but for now, let’s give power the lead. Until the Lone Star hypersonic missile breaks the 300-mph barrier, its power remains more impressive than its achievements, so it deserves the spotlight.

Hennessey F5 Revolution
Hennessey F5 Revolution

And what about cool? That’s the next thing – before outshining Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Rimac, and other low-production carmakers, Hennessey took a winter break for a short skiing trip in Aspen, Colorado. The snow session happened in February, but May seemed like the perfect time to boast about the car’s adventurous joyride.

The name coincidence is purely familial – John Hennessey’s son is a ‘Venom F5 wrangler’ (Ryland’s own words) who volunteered to test the car’s towing capability. While not specifically designed for this purpose, on snow or elsewhere, the car rose to the challenge and circled the 1,800-foot track (550 meters) at what can only be described as the slowest-ever run recorded by a Hennessey-branded vehicle.

In February, a Hennessey team went to Colorado for cold-and-snow testing and joined the F.A.T. Ice Race while there. There might be a method behind the ‘Henneski’ fun and games, but hauling the company’s founder heir while on skis isn’t it.


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