Lamborghini CEO Confirms Brand’s Delay in Full Electric Transformation

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Lamborghini CEO Confirms Brand's Delay in Full Electric Transformation
Lamborghini's boss, Stephan Winkelmann

Lamborghini’s boss, Stephan Winkelmann, thinks it will be a while before Lamborghini makes a supercar that runs entirely on electricity. Instead, the company wants to focus on using a mix of electric power and traditional engines. Winkelmann thinks the powerful V12 engines and future twin-turbo V8 engines have more character and potential. He says it’s too early to depend solely on electric technology because the electric car industry is slowing down.

Lamborghini started in 1963 after its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, had a disagreement with Enzo Ferrari about the cost of Ferrari’s cars’ maintenance. Lamborghini believed Ferrari was charging too much for basic parts. So, Lamborghini decided to create its own car, the 350 GT.

Lamborghini then made the Miura, known as one of the first supercars and one of the most beautiful cars ever. Nowadays, Lamborghini is known for its all-wheel-drive cars, special editions, and powerful engines. The 1,001-hp Revuelto is its latest V12 flagship, while the Urus SUV is its best-selling car.

Winkelmann said, “An electric supercar is not something people are buying right now. It’s too early, and we have to wait and see if and when this will happen.”

Lamborghini CEO Confirms Brand's Delay in Full Electric Transformation
Lamborghini’s boss, Stephan Winkelmann

Many car companies are rethinking their plans because electric car sales have slowed down. Big car companies like GM and Mercedes are now focusing on making more hybrid cars instead of fully electric ones. This trend has also reached luxury car brands like Lamborghini.

Bugatti Rimac, a company known for making high-end electric supercars, recently said its next car might not be electric. Customers want cars with more character and personality.

The noise and feeling of a car are very important. But finding alternatives to make up for these things hasn’t been easy. However, companies need to reduce their emissions because of new regulations.

The European Union wants to get rid of combustion engines by 2035 to reduce pollution. Performance car companies like Lamborghini and Ferrari will have to follow these rules and cut their emissions.

Lamborghini plans to reduce its emissions by 40% by 2030 by changing how it makes cars and by making more environmentally friendly models like the plug-in hybrid Revuelto. The fully electric Lanzador crossover will debut in 2028, but Lamborghini doesn’t plan to go fully electric before then. There’s a chance Lamborghini might try alternative fuels like E-Fuels, but only if the rules change in the future.


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