Ford Bronco Evolves Into the Apocalypse Knightmare 6×6 Beast

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Ford Bronco Apocalypse 6x6
Ford Bronco Apocalypse 6x6 (Credits: MotorTrends)

Apocalypse Manufacturing (AM) is renowned for crafting some of the most extraordinary trucks in the world. Recently, they unveiled their latest creation, the Knightmare, a six-wheeled powerhouse based on the Ford Bronco Raptor.

This striking Tiffany blue behemoth offers unbeatable off-road prowess while also providing the practicality of a cargo bay. In this article, we’ll delve into the Knightmare’s impressive features and what makes it stand out in the off-road truck world.

The Transformation from SUV to Pickup

The Knightmare represents a departure from the traditional SUV layout of the Bronco Raptor. AM has transformed it into a six-wheeled pickup truck by widening both the front and rear tracks and adding an extra driven rear axle.

Unlike some 6×4 configurations with passive axles, the Knightmare is the real deal, with all six wheels actively engaged. Its massive gold-painted deep dish wheels are equipped with chunky all-terrain tires, offering enhanced desert-bashing capabilities.

Suspension and Off-Road Prowess

While AM hasn’t explicitly mentioned suspension upgrades, it’s safe to assume that significant enhancements have been made. Previous models like the Rivian-based Nirvana have showcased serious suspension work, equipping these trucks with the skills to match their imposing appearance. The Knightmare’s off-road capabilities are poised to be nothing short of exceptional.

Ford Bronco Apocalypse Knightmare 6x6
AM Turning Ford Bronco into a 6×6 Beast (Credits: MotorTernds)

Rugged Aesthetics with a Luxurious Interior

The Knightmare’s exterior sports Kevlar paintwork, giving it a rugged and durable appearance. However, the choice of Tiffany blue paint may not align with its menacing theme. Inside, the interior has been luxuriously retrimmed with plush aftermarket leather.

The cabin is adorned with brown hide that covers nearly every surface, featuring a diamond-stitch pattern on the seats, door cards, and roof lining. Leather trim accents can also be found on the lower parts of the fascia, ensuring that the Knightmare’s interior exudes opulence and comfort.

Power and Performance

Under the hood, Apocalypse Manufacturing has breathed extra life into the Knightmare, with a power output of 450 horsepower, surpassing the standard 418-hp twin-turbo V6 found in the Bronco Raptor.

This additional muscle ensures the six-wheeler can confidently navigate challenging terrains while carrying the extra load of an additional axle. However, it’s important to note that the Knightmare may not match the speed of its four-wheeled Bronco Raptor counterpart.

Price and Uniqueness

Details about the Knightmare’s pricing are yet to be disclosed, but it’s expected to be substantially more expensive than the standard Bronco Raptor, which has an approximate starting price of $89,835.

AM claims that this is the world’s first six-wheeled Bronco Raptor, though it’s worth mentioning that the company introduced the Darkhorse, based on the regular Bronco, last year. Like the Knightmare, it features a truck-style bed at the rear, measuring five feet long, and shares a similar length of 225 inches.

A Sinister Lineup

While a tri-axle Bronco Raptor is undoubtedly an intimidating sight, Apocalypse Manufacturing’s lineup includes an array of menacing trucks. One of the most formidable among them is the Warlord, based on the potent Ram TRX, reserved for the extroverted ultra-rich with a starting price of $250,000.

The Knightmare, along with its counterparts, continues to solidify AM’s reputation as a purveyor of formidable, awe-inspiring vehicles for those who demand more than the ordinary in their off-road adventures.


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