Ford Develops Smart Trailer Monitoring Camera System for Safer Hauling

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Ford Develops Smart Trailer Monitoring Camera System for Safer Hauling

Ford has recently filed a patent for an innovative camera monitoring system designed to enable occupants to monitor the contents of their trailer from within the vehicle, without needing to step outside.

As reported by the Ford Authority, this proposed technology serves multiple purposes for frequent trailer haulers. These drivers often transport valuable equipment, ranging from small items like tools and sports gear to larger possessions such as cars, boats, and bicycles.

Monitoring the trailer contents adds an extra layer of safety, particularly during traffic stops or at intersections. However, the patent aims for more than just cargo security.

According to the filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the trailer content monitoring system would also be invaluable in detecting unexpected shifts in the trailer’s weight balance.

The concept is quite ingenious. The towing vehicle would automatically sense any change in load distribution and alert the driver accordingly.

“In response to an alert, the vehicle may show an image of the trailer on the display, but in this instance, the driver will have already been alerted to the change, and/or the vehicle may visually identify the parts of the image that have changed, which represented the basis for the alert,” the patent explains.

Ford Develops Smart Trailer Monitoring Camera System for Safer Hauling

To prevent distraction, a detection system would be essential. Ford acknowledges that a live feed of the trailer could divert the driver’s attention from the road for too long. Instead, the system would allow the driver to use the infotainment system or navigation while ensuring they are promptly alerted to any trailer-related issues.

An audible alert chime would also notify occupants of any trailer changes without displaying the live feed.

Could this technology become standard in production vehicles? The concept appears both straightforward and cost-effective to implement, compatible with the infotainment screens found in Ford’s F-150 and other models.

The patent suggests using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit the feed to the car when necessary, with the camera likely drawing power from the same connector as the taillights. While it seems promising, it may take several years, if ever, for such an option to become a standard feature.

Ford has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in truck design, evident from recent patents such as a unique slide-and-tilt truck bed for easier unloading, a tonneau reminiscent of the Cybertruck for enhanced efficiency, and even an integrated 3D printer concept for the truck bed.

Innovation is undoubtedly at the forefront of Ford’s truck designs, promising exciting advancements in the future.

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