Built Coyote-Powered Ford F-150 Devours McLarens For Breakfast

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Ford F-150 Lightning
Ford F-150 Lightning (Credits: Ford)

Massive Power Upgrade: The Ford F-150, already boasting 900 hp, is undergoing a transformation at Fast Forward Race Engines, potentially reaching an astonishing 2,000 hp with their Stage 3 Coyote engine.

FFRE Expertise: Fast Forward Race Engines specializes in high-performance engine builds, covering platforms like the Coyote, 2JZ, Viper engines, and more, making them a go-to destination for power enthusiasts.

FFRE engineers
FFRE engineers

Triple Raptor R Power: The upgraded F-150 will dwarf the power output of even the formidable Raptor R, promising three times the horsepower and a significant boost in performance.

Engine Wonderland: FFRE’s facility is a performance engine enthusiast’s dream, with meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of engine assembly and machining, ensuring top-notch quality.

Gen-3 Coyote V8: The F-150 will feature FFRE’s gen-3 Coyote V8, known for its power potential and robust performance characteristics, making it a perfect match for the truck’s aspirations.

FORD 150
Ford 150 (Credits: Ford)

Ford F-150 Work Truck Transformation: That Racing Channel’s work truck, already a drag strip titan with 870 whp, is set to become an even more formidable force with the FFRE upgrade, potentially reaching 2,000 hp.

Incremental Power Upgrades: Compared to factory Coyote engines, the FFRE Stage 2 and Stage 3 upgrades offer substantial increases in power, with the Stage 3 capable of delivering a massive 1,500 whp.

Performance-Oriented Ford F-150 Options: While the F-150 Raptor R and the FP700 supercharged F-150 offer impressive power, the FFRE-upgraded F-150 promises to take performance to a whole new level, catering to drag racing enthusiasts.

Ford F-150 (Credits: Ford)

Impressive Engine Heritage: FFRE’s reputation as a premier engine builder, coupled with the inherent strength of factory Coyote crankshafts, underscores the reliability and performance potential of their builds.

Exciting Future Prospects: With the potential of reaching 2,000 hp, the That Racing Channel’s Ford F-150 Work Truck project holds promise for exhilarating drag strip showdowns and thrilling content for automotive enthusiasts.


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