Ford Shifts Focus To Affordable EVs, Delays Three-Row SUV

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Ford Shifts Focus To Affordable EVs, Delays Three-Row SUV
Ford Shifts Focus To Affordable EVs, Delays Three-Row SUV

Ford’s shift towards affordable electric vehicles takes precedence, as the company reportedly delays its three-row EV SUV to focus on a new platform for compact and budget-friendly EVs. The decision comes amidst a rising tide of competitively priced electric vehicles from China, prompting Ford to realign its strategy.

According to Bloomberg, Ford’s new approach emphasizes compact and affordable electric models, with a compact crossover slated for late 2026 at a starting price of approximately $25,000. This move will position Ford to compete with upcoming entry-level Tesla models and respond to the growing demand for affordable electric vehicles.

The compact SUV will be built on a fresh electric platform, with development spearheaded by a specialized team of fewer than 100 experts based in Irvine, California.

Alongside the SUV, Ford plans to introduce a small electric truck, possibly serving as an electric version of the popular Maverick, and explore the potential for a dedicated ride-hailing vehicle.

A Ford Mustang Mach E
A Ford Mustang Mach E (Credits: Ford)

To keep costs down, the compact EV is expected to utilize lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology, known for its affordability compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. However, Ford is also exploring alternative battery technologies to further reduce costs.

Alan Clarke, formerly involved in engineering the Tesla Model Y, is leading Ford’s affordable EV project, signaling the company’s commitment to delivering competitive electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ford’s plans for a three-row electric SUV, which was speculated to revive the iconic Explorer nameplate in the electric realm, have been sidelined for now. Despite the launch of a small electric crossover in Europe under the Explorer name, using the Volkswagen MEB platform, Ford’s focus remains on its forthcoming compact EV lineup.


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