Electric Ford SuperVan: A Mind-Bending Experience

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Electric Ford SuperVan A Mind-Bending Experience
Electric Ford SuperVan A Mind-Bending Experience

In a heart-pounding encounter, automotive journalist Paul Gover finds himself strapped into the electric Ford SuperVan, hurtling through an adrenaline-fueled experience that defies the laws of physics. Alongside Formula 1 star Liam Lawson, Gover sets out on a journey that surpasses even the most thrilling theme park rides.

Launching from the start line with the intensity of a SpaceX rocket, the SuperVan propels Gover to 240km/h in a mere five seconds, leaving him exhilarated and disoriented. As Lawson expertly navigates the van through sharp bends and hairpin turns, Gover finds himself tossed around despite being securely fastened in a full race seat.

What sets the SuperVan apart is its unconventional silence – devoid of the thunderous roar typical of hypercars. Instead, the electric motors emit a high-pitched whine reminiscent of household appliances. Yet, this lack of auditory drama does little to diminish the sheer intensity of the experience.

For Gover, the aftermath of the exhilarating ride leaves him stunned, struggling to process the sheer magnitude of what he’s just experienced.

The Interior And Steering Of An Electric Ford SuperVan
The Interior And Steering Of An Electric Ford SuperVan (Credits: Ford)

Even Lawson, a seasoned Formula 1 driver, finds it challenging to articulate the SuperVan’s performance, likening it to driving a high-speed transit van.

The SuperVan’s credentials are undeniably impressive, with French racer Romain Dumas setting a new lap record at Mount Panorama, Bathurst, surpassing even the fastest Supercars qualifying lap. Powered by four electric motors delivering a staggering 1040kW of power and 2000Nm of torque, the SuperVan’s acceleration rivals that of a Formula 1 car.

Despite its unassuming exterior, the SuperVan is a technological marvel, boasting advanced electrification technology and motorsport-inspired design elements. However, its purpose transcends mere functionality, pulling in audiences from all over with its superior performance.

As Gover reflects on his unforgettable encounter with the SuperVan, he finds himself still smiling days later, grateful for the experience yet relieved to remain firmly planted on solid ground. Indeed, the SuperVan is not merely a vehicle but a transformative experience, capable of leaving even seasoned journalists speechless.


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