Drift Ford Crown Vic Roars Back To Life With New Saleen Engine

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(Credits: Ford)
(Credits: Ford)

The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI) is undergoing a thrilling transformation into a drift car, featuring a new Saleen Mustang V8 engine. This engine swap project, documented by Thecraig909 on YouTube, showcases the challenges and innovations involved in fitting the powerful V8 into the iconic American sedan.

A salvaged engine and its replacement proved unusable, prompting the installation of a Saleen Mustang V8 engine in the Crown Vic drift car.

The engine swap required creative engineering to fit the Mustang V8 into the Crown Vic’s engine bay, particularly with the exhaust headers.

A comparison of specs between the Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor variant, SN-95 Saleen Mustang, and standard Mustang reveals variations in power and drivetrain configurations.

Black Ford mustang (Credits: Ford)
Black Ford Mustang (Credits: Ford)

Initial attempts to replace the damaged engine with another 4.6-liter modular V8 proved futile, leading to the acquisition of a Saleen Mustang V8 engine. This engine, sourced from an SN-95 Saleen Mustang, presented an opportunity for enhanced performance and compatibility with the Crown Vic.

Preparation for the engine swap involved cleaning the engine bay and installing a Tremec TR-3650 5-speed manual gearbox. Upgrades to the new engine included a dual-plate clutch and lightweight aluminum flywheel for improved performance and drivability.

A comparison of specifications highlights differences in power, torque, and drivetrain configurations among the Crown Victoria, Police Interceptor, standard Ford Mustang, and Saleen Mustang models.

The transformation of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor into a drift car with a Saleen Mustang V8 engine exemplifies the ingenuity and determination of automotive enthusiasts. This project not only breathes new life into an iconic sedan but also demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of American muscle car culture.

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