Tesla vs. Ford: Which Electric Truck Reigns Supreme?

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Ford vs. Tesla Concept image (Credits: Seeking Alpha)

A Reviewer wasn’t impressed by the Tesla Cybertruck. Witnessing Elon Musk’s product, he found himself taken aback, almost considering it a joke. But as time passed and he had the opportunity to examine it further, his opinion gradually shifted. Eventually, he transitioned from skepticism to admiration, leading him to place a reservation for one in November 2019.

However, production delays pushed the Cybertruck’s launch to late 2023 due to various reasons, including COVID-related shutdowns. During this time, Rivian and Ford released their electric pickups, prompting him to purchase both – the F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T – with the intention of comparing and selecting one.

Tesla Cybertrucks On A Dirt Track Testing Out The Latest Offroad Updates (Credits Cybertruck Twitter Account)
Tesla Cybertrucks On A Dirt Track Testing Out The Latest Offroad Updates

After testing both, The reviewer settled on the Lightning and sold the R1T, finding it better suited to his needs. Yet, with the Cybertruck reservation still pending, he decided to rent one to reassess his interest.

During his time with the Cybertruck, he drove over 500 miles, including conducting a range test where it performed impressively, covering 302 miles on a single charge. He found its handling and maneuverability, especially with rear steering, to be noteworthy compared to the Lightning.

The reviewer meticulously compared the Cybertruck and the Lightning across fourteen categories in a video. While the Cybertruck emerged victorious in eight categories, some were closely contested, with personal needs influencing his scoring. For instance, he favored the Lightning’s AC charging capability for his home charging needs.

Despite the Cybertruck’s successes, he ultimately decided not to proceed with his reservation. He was determined that the Lightning better aligned with his requirements, as detailed in the video. Nonetheless, he expressed appreciation for Tesla’s boldness in producing such a unique vehicle, acknowledging its unconventional yet intriguing design.

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