Red Bull Racing Plans to Finish New Milton Keynes Facility by End of 2024

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The team will maintain its headquarters in Faenza, Italy, where it has been situated since the inception of Minardi in the late 1970s, but it will be relocating from the smaller aerodynamics facility in Bicester.

This transition comes after a move in 2022 when RB, then known as AlphaTauri, transitioned to utilizing the larger-scale wind tunnel of its sister team, Red Bull.

The aim is to enhance the UK infrastructure, potentially attracting more talent in England, with Team Principal, Laurent Mekies, anticipating the completion of the Milton Keynes site by the year’s end.

In an exclusive interview with’s Italian edition, Mekies explained, “We haven’t requested any engineers to relocate to England. Faenza serves as the team’s historic home, boasting modern facilities and recent investments. We possess excellent production tools and a significant portion of the design office here.”

He continued, “In Bicester, we house the aero department, concept design, and a segment of the design office – all strategically located near the wind tunnel. However, with the team’s substantial growth over the years, the current facility is no longer suitable.”

Mekies further elaborated, “Therefore, by the year’s end, we’ll be bidding farewell to Bicester and transitioning to a new establishment in Milton Keynes, adjacent to the Red Bull campus.”

There have been concerns raised by rival teams, notably led by McLaren’s Zak Brown, regarding Red Bull’s dual ownership of two teams potentially providing financial advantages under the cost cap.

Moreover, the move to Milton Keynes has spurred speculation regarding personnel transfers between RB and Red Bull. However, Mekies addressed these rumors by stating, “The regulations are unequivocal. It’s explicitly defined that personnel transfers cannot circumvent intellectual property regulations. Therefore, we’ve always sought approval from the FIA before any personnel transfers, ensuring compliance with the regulations.”

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