Vettel Conveyed Best Wishes to Bearman Before His Debut in Saudi Arabian F1

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Amidst Carlos Sainz’s absence due to appendicitis surgery, Scuderia Ferrari tapped their reserve driver and FIA F2 competitor Bearman to join Charles Leclerc from FP3 onward.

Bearman narrowly missed Q3 in qualifying but secured an 11th-place start. During the Jeddah race, he showcased impressive skill, finishing seventh, while Leclerc clinched third, highlighted by well-executed overtakes, notably fooling RB’s Yuki Tsunoda into Turn 1.

Throughout the weekend, Bearman received numerous ‘good luck’ and congratulatory messages, including one from former Ferrari driver and four-time F1 world champion Vettel, who retired with Aston Martin in 2022.

Reflecting on the support, the young British driver expressed gratitude, especially for Vettel’s message, given his admiration for the seasoned racer. “To know that he was kind of watching put a bit of pressure on, but it was a nice pressure,” Bearman shared.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali reached out with a heartening message after the race, further boosting Bearman’s spirits. Even Lewis Hamilton offered a congratulatory hug, recognizing Bearman’s achievement, which the young driver considered a proud moment.

Bearman also found himself surprised by the extensive administrative tasks involved in an F1 weekend, including numerous media activities and technical engagements, far beyond what he encountered in F2. Despite the long and demanding days, Bearman embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

He praised the Ferrari simulator for its accuracy, facilitating his seamless adaptation to various in-car procedures and settings adjustments, underscoring the significance of effective simulation in F1 preparation.

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