Allison Criticizes F1’s Focus on “Dirty Air” as Misguided

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F1 appears to be entering its third consecutive year with one team dominating the field, sparking discussions about whether the rule overhaul introduced in 2022 has fallen short of expectations.

Despite ambitious changes aimed at enhancing racing excitement and narrowing the performance gap, Red Bull’s continued supremacy and the increasing difficulty of overtaking have raised concerns about the effectiveness of the new regulations.

Allison believes that while Red Bull’s dominance isn’t directly attributable to the rules, there are crucial aspects that could have been better addressed to enhance the spectacle.

He suggests that the FIA’s excessive emphasis on reducing the effects of “dirty air” to enable closer racing, at the expense of factors like tire behavior, may have been misguided.

When asked about the regulations’ success in fostering better competition, given Red Bull’s continued dominance, Allison remarked, “I don’t necessarily think that they’ve failed in those terms because our objective is to ensure competitive racing. However, there are flaws in the regulations that don’t benefit any of us.”

He expressed reservations about the current cars’ design, particularly regarding their close-to-the-ground aerodynamics, and suggested that future regulations should avoid aspects like rear ride height management, which significantly impact performance.

Looking ahead to the regulations for 2026, Allison stressed the importance of learning from past shortcomings. He emphasized the need for a balanced approach that addresses various aspects of car performance rather than solely prioritizing wake management.

While Allison’s views may not be unanimous among teams, he believes they represent a pragmatic perspective shared by many. He noted that the FIA’s continued focus on wake management could benefit from a more holistic approach to regulation development.

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