F1 x Puma: Collaboration Unveils Stylish Racing Apparel Range

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Formula 1 has collaborated with Puma to launch its inaugural joint clothing range, marking another step in the sport’s journey to cultivate a ‘cool’ identity among its expanding fanbase.

The clothing line, predominantly black with minimalist designs, prominently features the modern F1 logo while also paying homage to some of the sport’s iconic elements.

Stefano Favaro, the creative director, explained that inspiration for the collection came from various sources, including the iconic chequered flag and Nigel Mansell’s racing suits from his time at Williams—a personal favorite of his. The aim was to integrate elements from past race suits, reflecting the era when drivers were considered living mood boards.

The partnership aims to offer fans a new way to connect with the sport, building on its recent success in engaging a broader audience. Unlike traditional sports where team merchandise dominates, there’s a growing trend among fans to align themselves with a broader ‘tribe,’ whether it’s basketball, football, or now, Formula 1.

The clothing range caters to both streetwear and workwear segments, capturing the dynamic, fast-paced essence of Formula 1 while ensuring practicality for paddock personnel during race weekends. Speed and movement are central to the design ethos, with the iconic F1 logo serving as a symbol of velocity.

Despite the tight timeframe, the design team worked tirelessly to bring the collection to life, drawing inspiration from materials used in Formula 1, such as carbon fiber. While real carbon fiber isn’t suitable for clothing, the team found creative ways to incorporate its texture into select pieces, adding an authentic touch to the collection.

From woven bomber jackets to women’s crop tops, each garment embodies the spirit of Formula 1, offering fans a tangible connection to the sport they love. With plans already in motion for future collections, Formula 1 aims to further establish its identity and captivate fans with even more iconic designs.


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