Norris Urges Driver Comfort Improvements in Next-Gen F1 Cars

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The resurgence of ground-effect machinery in 2022, coupled with the current emphasis on rear ride height for performance, has led teams to adopt very low and stiff car setups. Drivers often endure discomfort, prompting prominent voices in the sport to advocate for long-term solutions.

As the FIA embarks on shaping the 2026 regulations, Lando Norris highlights the importance of addressing excessive physical strain. Reflecting on the evolution of driver comfort, Norris acknowledges improvements but stresses the need for further enhancements. He underscores the shifting landscape of Formula 1, where concerns extend beyond mere performance to encompass safety and health considerations.

Norris delineates the distinct responsibilities within the sport, indicating that while teams prioritize speed, the onus lies with the FIA to establish regulations that temper extreme measures. He underscores the toll such conditions can exact on drivers, citing personal struggles and the necessity for proactive measures.

Expressing solidarity with Norris’s perspective, his McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri concurs that progress has been made in addressing comfort issues compared to previous years.

However, he echoes Norris’s sentiment that there remains room for improvement, particularly in comparison to older car models. Piastri emphasizes the inherent competitiveness of drivers and the need for regulatory intervention to safeguard against compromising physical well-being in the pursuit of performance.

Piastri acknowledges strides made in addressing comfort concerns but underscores the ongoing need for vigilance and adaptation. He underscores the collaborative effort required from all stakeholders to strike a balance between performance and driver welfare, ensuring Formula 1 remains sustainable and conducive to long-term participation.

Both Norris and Piastri advocate for a holistic approach to address driver comfort issues in Formula 1. While acknowledging progress, they emphasize the importance of continued evolution and regulatory oversight to safeguard the well-being of competitors amidst the relentless pursuit of performance.

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