Alonso Asserts: I Refuse to Allow Others to Determine My Future in F1

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Fernando Alonso says he will not let others decide his fate in Formula 1. He mentioned, “I’ve been always that way. Sometimes it did help me, sometimes it did hurt me, to be the owner of my destiny.” He emphasized that his decisions, whether good or bad, have always been his own.

He recalled his past decisions, like moving from Renault to McLaren when he was only 24 years old. He stated, “I was young, I won the first world championship [in 2005], and I signed with McLaren. And we announced it one year before moving there. And I was 24. So it didn’t change with the age.”

Alonso also discussed deciding his future in the coming weeks, stating, “It didn’t change much. And it will not change in the next few weeks or races.” He expressed his focus on the current season’s car improvements.

Regarding his priority to stay with Aston Martin, Alonso said, “As I said at the launch of the car, when I make that decision, the first office that I will go is to the Aston Martin office.” He expressed gratitude for the opportunity given to him by Aston Martin two years ago.

He also mentioned the circumstances that led him to consider joining Aston Martin, saying, “I think I’m here because Sebastian retired that weekend in Budapest. If Sebastian got to an agreement with Aston and kept racing for a few more years, I would not have this possibility.”

Alonso’s statements underscore his commitment to making his own choices in Formula 1 and his gratitude towards Aston Martin for the opportunity they provided him.

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