Sainz Open to Admitting Unfitness for Melbourne F1 Return

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Carlos Sainz had surgery in Saudi Arabia to remove his appendix two weeks ago. He says he’s not completely better yet, but he’s hopeful he can still race this weekend. Even though he hasn’t been training or using the simulator in Maranello since the operation, he plans to practice driving the SF-24 car in Melbourne on Friday.

Sainz will make adjustments to his seatbelts to feel more comfortable in the car. The FIA will also check on his progress. If he doesn’t feel good on Friday, he’ll tell everyone and maybe wait for the next race in two weeks.

Oliver Bearman, who drove for him in Jeddah, is ready to stand in again if needed. Sainz is doing exercises in the gym and thinks he’s fit enough to drive, but he’ll be honest about how he feels.

He said, “I don’t want to be in pain or make things worse. I’ll tell everyone if I’m not feeling good.”

Sainz is feeling better every day but says the first week after the surgery was tough. He’s confident he can race this weekend because his recovery is going well.

He said, “I’ve had a good plan since I got home to be ready for this race. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I’m positive.”

Sainz knows he won’t really know if he’s ready until he gets on the track on Friday.

He said, “Until I’m in the F1 car and feel the forces, I won’t know for sure. But I’m getting better every day, so I’m hopeful.”

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