Mercedes Shows Promise at Suzuka with Optimism from Hamilton and Russell Amidst Progress

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Mercedes F1 car feels best it has all season, says Hamilton

The Mercedes team, led by drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, showed promising signs of improvement during the morning free practice session at Suzuka, despite a challenging start to the campaign with their W15 car. Despite damp conditions in FP2, the morning session provided valuable data, with Russell and Hamilton finishing fourth and fifth quickest, respectively.

Hamilton expressed optimism about the progress made by the team in addressing the car’s high-speed weakness and tire temperature management issues. He described the session as the best of the year so far, indicating a positive trajectory for the team’s performance.

Reflecting on previous race weekends where bold setup changes caused setbacks, Hamilton expressed confidence in the current setup, emphasizing the importance of maintaining stability to capitalize on the improved baseline performance.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Credits: SB Nation)

Russell echoed Hamilton’s sentiments, noting that the team performed better than expected in FP1. He highlighted the pleasant surprise of the car’s improved handling and balance, especially considering Suzuka’s challenging nature.

Despite FP2 being disrupted by adverse conditions, Russell emphasized the importance of immediate confidence and performance, particularly in qualifying, where high tire degradation necessitates optimal lap execution.

Looking ahead, Russell emphasized the criticality of maximizing qualifying laps due to limited opportunities and high degradation, underscoring the team’s focus on tire management and performance consistency in the face of variable conditions.


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