Verstappen’s Insights on Lambiase’s Front Wing Radio Message at F1 Japanese GP

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Verstappen explains Lambiase front wing radio message during F1 Japanese GP

Max Verstappen reclaimed his winning form at Suzuka, securing a dominant victory and leading a Red Bull 1-2 finish with a comfortable 12.5-second gap over Sergio Perez. The race showcased Verstappen’s strong performance and marked a return to success for the reigning F1 world champion.

A notable radio exchange between Verstappen and his race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, gained attention during the race. Verstappen reported initial understeer followed by oversteer, prompting a discussion about adjusting the front wing level. Despite Verstappen’s initial confidence in his decision, Lambiase subtly hinted at potential consequences, which Verstappen later acknowledged served as motivation for him to perform better.

Verstappen credited setup changes made between practice and qualifying for improving the handling of his RB20. These adjustments played a crucial role in securing pole position, victory, and the fastest lap, enhancing the car’s performance during the race significantly.


The friendly disagreements between Verstappen and Lambiase have become characteristic of their relationship, contributing to their successful partnership. Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko described their dynamic as resembling an “old married couple,” highlighting their mutual understanding and effective decision-making process.

Marko emphasized the experience and synergy between Verstappen, Lambiase, and the data engineer, underlining their collective ability to navigate race strategies and optimize the car’s performance. He noted that while Verstappen’s initial decision regarding the front wing adjustment was close to correct, a minor tweak was required during the first pit stop.

The article highlights Verstappen’s commanding victory at Suzuka, his collaborative relationship with Lambiase, and the importance of effective communication and decision-making in Formula 1 racing. Verstappen’s success, coupled with the teamwork and strategic acumen of the Red Bull team, underscores their competitiveness in the championship.

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