F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Pitches ‘Epic’ MotoGP Partnership

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F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Pitches 'Epic' MotoGP Partnership
Lewis Hamilton (Credits: SOPA Images)

In early April, Liberty, the company that owns Formula 1 since 2017, announced that it bought 86% of Dorna Sports and MotoGP for €4.2 billion.

Carlos Ezpeleta, who leads MotoGP Dorna, said they might have shared weekends with F1 in the future.

During the recent Japanese Grand Prix, Motorsport.com asked Lewis Hamilton, a Mercedes driver and a big MotoGP fan, if he’d like to see F1 and MotoGP races together.

Hamilton said he hadn’t thought much about it but thinks Liberty, which did great with F1, could do the same with MotoGP. He finds the idea exciting because he loves MotoGP and thinks it’d be amazing to have both races on the same weekend.

F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Pitches 'Epic' MotoGP Partnership
MotoGP X F1 Crossover suggested by Hamilton (Credits: MotoGP)

He even joked about racing in both MotoGP and F1 on the same weekend, but he knows it’s impossible.

Though the idea of combined F1 and MotoGP events might not happen soon, it could work at big venues like the Austin track, where both races already happen, rather than F1’s newer street tracks.

During the same media session in Suzuka, Hamilton was asked if his interests outside F1 are more important now because of the challenges Mercedes faces in winning races.

Hamilton said his main focus is still Mercedes, and he wants to win before moving to Ferrari in 2025. He thinks it’s important to focus on moving forward and improving, even if things are tough.

Hamilton believes in teamwork and thinks everyone at Mercedes is working hard, so they just need to keep at it.


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