Lewis Hamilton Discusses Possible Ferrari Move

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Lewis Hamilton Discusses Possible Ferrari Move
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, a driver who has won the Formula 1 championship seven times, said in February that he would join Ferrari in 2025. He decided to leave Mercedes, the team he had previously signed with.

People are debating whether Hamilton made the right decision, considering Mercedes’ current struggles compared to Ferrari. But Hamilton thinks that what others say doesn’t matter. He believes that being happy with his own decision is the most important thing. He remembered that when he joined Mercedes in 2013, many doubted his choice.

Before the Chinese Grand Prix, Hamilton was asked if Mercedes’ problems made him feel better about moving to Ferrari. He said, “I don’t feel like I need my decision vindicating.” He means that he doesn’t need others to confirm he made the right choice. He knows what’s best for him.

Lewis Hamilton Discusses Possible Ferrari Move
Lewis Hamilton

At the Japanese Grand Prix, a journalist asked Hamilton if he was happy to join Ferrari because they are a better team. Hamilton didn’t like the question. He asked if the journalist had a better question. He ended the interview.

Hamilton thinks his move to Ferrari is a long-term plan. He might continue racing in F1 until he is in his mid-40s, just like Fernando Alonso. He said, “I am going to be racing for quite some time still.” He didn’t expect to race in his 40s, but he feels young and still enjoys racing.


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