Formula 1 Delays Choice on Adjusting Points System

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Formula 1 Delays Choice on Adjusting Points System
Formula 1

After hearing from F1’s midfield teams, there was talk about making changes to how points are given out in Formula 1 races. They wanted to extend the points system to cover the top 12 finishers. This idea was discussed at a meeting called the F1 Commission, which had people from the FIA, Formula 1, and all 10 teams.

For this change to happen, it needed support from at least five of the current teams. Some of the smaller teams liked the idea, as it would give them a better chance to earn points. Even people from bigger teams like Red Bull and Ferrari seemed okay with it because it wouldn’t affect them much.

But at the meeting, they decided they needed more time to think about it. They want to understand better what would happen if they made this change. They still have time to decide, and they could add this new points system to the rules for the 2025 season.

So, instead of rushing, they’re going to study it more and talk about it again at the next meeting later this year.

This idea came up because of how Formula 1 teams are performing this year. The top five teams, like Red Bull and Ferrari, are getting most of the points. That leaves very few points for the other teams. Even if the midfield teams beat each other, they don’t get any points unless they finish in the top 10.

Formula 1 Delays Choice on Adjusting Points System
Formula 1, Charles Leclerc for Ferrari

The new idea is to keep giving more points to the top finishers, but also give points to more drivers down to 12th place. This would give teams like Haas, RB, Sauber, Williams, and Alpine more chances to earn points.

After five races this year, some of these teams haven’t scored any points yet. A driver from Alpine, Esteban Ocon, thinks this change could help them, but it won’t fix everything.

New updates have revealed that the FIA, which oversees Formula 1, said they’re going to talk about this points system idea again at their next meeting in July. They also mentioned adding rear-facing cameras to cars starting from the Spanish Grand Prix in June. Formula 1 is also figuring out where and when they’ll do pre-season testing for 2025, and they’ll talk about it at the next meeting too.


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