Insights into F1’s Innovative Rear-Facing Camera

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Insights into F1's Innovative Rear-Facing Camera
F1's Rear-Facing Camera

During the meeting in Geneva on Thursday, Formula 1 teams and series bosses couldn’t agree on changing the points system. However, they did agree to introduce new rear-facing cameras at the Barcelona event in June.

These cameras will give fans a new view of the cars chasing each other. Unlike before, the camera will be placed on top of the rear crash structure at the back of the car, instead of in the middle near the cockpit.

Previously, the rear-facing camera showed the engine cover and rear wing. Now, with this new angle, fans will see a clear view behind the car, especially when cars are close together.

Dean Locke, F1’s director of broadcast and media, explained that this new angle will be similar to what we see in other racing categories, like touring car racing, where cameras show cars racing closely.

Insights into F1's Innovative Rear-Facing Camera
F1’s Rear-Facing Camera

F1 worked with Aston Martin and the FIA last year to test these new cameras. Although the view was great, there were technical challenges, like interference due to the long cable connecting the camera.

Locke mentioned, “It was really amazing, but there were some issues with the long cable causing interference.”

After solving these technical problems, the next step was to get approval from teams and the FIA because the camera’s position is in a critical safety area of the car.

Now, with everyone satisfied that the camera won’t cause any safety issues, the plan to use these cameras at races starting from the Spanish Grand Prix has been approved.


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