Red Bull: Ricciardo Still Capable in Formula 1

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RB insists Ricciardo “absolutely” still able to deliver at his best in F1

Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian Formula 1 driver, has faced challenges at the beginning of the 2024 season, struggling to find confidence with the VCARB 01 car compared to his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

There were even rumors suggesting Ricciardo might be replaced if his performance didn’t improve by the summer break. However, recent races have shown improvement, coinciding with the introduction of a new chassis in China. Red Bull Racing (RB) has expressed unwavering confidence in Ricciardo’s abilities despite his initial difficulties.

RB team principal Laurent Mekies emphasized the team’s belief in Ricciardo’s potential and capability to deliver. He acknowledged that Ricciardo needed more time to adjust to the car’s behavior but remained certain that Ricciardo was the right person for the job. Mekies indicated that both Ricciardo and Tsunoda were receiving support to optimize their performance through identifying the appropriate car setups.

Red Bull: Ricciardo Still Capable in Formula 1
Red Bull: Ricciardo Still Capable in Formula 1 (Credits: Motorsport)

Although Ricciardo has yet to score any points this season, Mekies attributed this to a series of unfortunate incidents rather than Ricciardo’s skillset. He pointed out instances like Ricciardo’s early exit in Japan and being hit by another driver behind the safety car in China as factors affecting his results. Despite setbacks, Mekies highlighted the progress made since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and expressed optimism about Ricciardo’s trajectory.

Internally, Ricciardo has shown determination and focus to overcome the challenges he’s faced, according to Mekies. Despite external criticisms, Ricciardo has remained calm and rational, working with the team to address the limitations of the car and make necessary adjustments to improve performance. Mekies emphasized ongoing efforts to support Ricciardo and enhance his comfort in the car, with mid-term developments planned to align the car better with his driving style.

While Daniel Ricciardo encountered a difficult start to the 2024 Formula 1 season, his team Red Bull Racing maintains confidence in his abilities. Recent improvements in performance, coupled with ongoing adjustments and support from the team, indicate a positive trajectory for Ricciardo. Despite setbacks and external criticisms, Ricciardo’s determination and collaborative efforts with the team suggest potential for further progress as the season unfolds.


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