Alonso Aims to Ensure No Further Incidents Follow Latest F1 Penalty

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Alonso wants to make sure “nothing else is happening” after latest F1 penalty

Aston Martin has filed a petition seeking a review of the 10-second time penalty and the imposition of three points on Fernando Alonso’s license following a collision with Carlos Sainz during the Chinese Grand Prix sprint. The team contends that there is new evidence warranting a fresh hearing on the matter, prompting the stewards to convene a meeting in Miami on Friday at 8 am to evaluate the legitimacy of this evidence.

Prior to the Miami Grand Prix, Alonso refrained from delving into the specifics of the case but emphasized the significance of the answers Aston Martin seeks. He highlighted the desire for clarity regarding the seemingly harsh treatment he has received in recent incidents, such as the penalty incurred for defensive driving against George Russell in the Australian GP, which culminated in a crash.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso (Credits: Road & Track)

Alonso acknowledged the inherent subjectivity in sports judgments, drawing parallels with differing interpretations often seen in football matches. He expressed a sentiment that while opinions may diverge, the severity of the penalty in China stood out, potentially causing confusion among spectators. However, he remained hopeful for a resolution following the upcoming meeting.

Reflecting on the penalties issued in both Australia and China, Alonso stressed the importance of understanding the rationale behind such decisions. While acknowledging the authority vested in stewards to enforce rules, he underscored the need for transparency, particularly in cases where penalties appear disproportionately severe. Alonso’s remarks underscored a commitment to adhering to regulations while seeking clarity and fairness in their application.

In sum, the petition filed by Aston Martin to review Alonso’s penalty underscores a quest for fairness and transparency in the enforcement of racing regulations. Alonso’s remarks preceding the Miami Grand Prix highlight concerns regarding consistency and proportionality in penalty decisions, emphasizing the importance of clarity and understanding in maintaining the integrity of competitive racing.


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