Hamilton Reveals Newey as Top Pick for F1 Collaboration

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Hamilton: Newey is number one person I want to work with in F1

Ferrari is actively seeking to bolster its Formula 1 team by potentially bringing renowned design engineer Adrian Newey on board, especially in light of Lewis Hamilton’s impending arrival at Maranello in the 2025 season. With Newey’s departure from Red Bull slated for next March, Ferrari sees an opportunity to tap into his expertise to create a formidable “superteam” capable of challenging for titles in the future.

Hamilton, while cautious about divulging details of negotiations, expressed excitement at the prospect of collaborating with Newey. He acknowledged the private nature of such discussions but openly admitted that Newey would be at the top of his list of preferred collaborators. Hamilton’s endorsement underscores the potential impact of Newey’s involvement on Ferrari’s competitive trajectory.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Credits: Investopedia)

The prospect of Newey joining Ferrari coincides with the impending introduction of crucial new regulations in 2026, making his expertise particularly valuable in shaping the team’s future car designs. Hamilton’s comments suggest a recognition of Ferrari’s recent strides in Formula 1 and the potential for further advancement with Newey’s addition to the team.

Hamilton and Newey have never directly collaborated in Formula 1, with the closest encounter being Hamilton’s tenure at McLaren shortly after Newey’s departure from Red Bull. Despite this, Hamilton acknowledges the influence of Newey’s design philosophy on McLaren’s evolution during his early years in the sport, highlighting the privilege of indirectly benefiting from Newey’s contributions.

While Newey’s departure from Red Bull may raise concerns about the team’s future competitiveness, Hamilton emphasizes the collective effort behind successful Formula 1 teams. He suggests that while Newey’s departure is significant, it does not diminish the capabilities of the broader team at Red Bull. Hamilton’s perspective underscores the collaborative nature of Formula 1 teams and the belief that Red Bull will continue to excel with or without Newey’s direct involvement.


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