Hamilton Expresses Desire to Collaborate with Newey in F1

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Hamilton Expresses Desire to Collaborate with Newey in F1
Adrian Newey and Lewis Hamilton

Before Hamilton moves to Ferrari next year, the team is trying to recruit Adrian Newey, a renowned designer, to join them and help create a strong team.

If Ferrari succeeds in getting Newey, it could greatly benefit Hamilton’s chances of winning future championships. Hamilton signed a contract last winter to join Ferrari in 2025.

Newey will become available for hire in March, which is a good time for him to contribute to designing the new cars for 2026, which are important due to rule changes.

Hamilton expressed his excitement about the possibility of working with Newey. He didn’t reveal if Ferrari’s attempt to recruit Newey was discussed during his negotiations with the team.

Hamilton said, “If I were to make a list of people I’d love to work with, he would be at the top.”

Hamilton Expresses Desire to Collaborate with Newey in F1
Lewis Hamilton


Hamilton praised Ferrari’s progress in F1 and believes that adding Newey to the team would further enhance their performance.

He said, “Adrian has a great track record and knowledge. He would be a valuable addition to Ferrari’s already impressive team.”

Although Hamilton and Newey have never worked together in F1, Hamilton feels honored to have driven cars that Newey had worked on indirectly, during his time at McLaren.

Hamilton doesn’t believe that Newey’s departure from Red Bull will significantly impact the team’s performance. He emphasized that F1 teams are made up of many talented individuals, not just one person.

He said, “While Newey’s experience is valuable, Red Bull has a strong team overall. I’m confident that they will continue to build competitive cars in the future. However, any team would be lucky to have Newey on board.”


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