FIA’s F1 stewards explain Aston Martin’s right of review rejection from China

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In the China sprint race, Fernando Alonso incurred a 10-second penalty and three penalty points following a minor collision with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, leading to a puncture that forced Alonso’s retirement. Disagreeing with the decision, Alonso considered the incident a regular part of racing, expressing confusion over the penalty.

Following Aston Martin’s request for a right of review, citing new evidence, a hearing took place in Miami involving representatives from Aston Martin and Ferrari. Aston provided additional forward-facing camera footage from Alonso’s car, unavailable during the initial stewards’ decision-making process.

Why FIA's F1 Stewards Said No to Aston Martin's Review Request from China
Why FIA’s F1 Stewards Said No to Aston Martin’s Review Request from China (Credits: F1i)

However, despite acknowledging the relevance of the new footage, the stewards deemed it insignificant in altering their original decision. They asserted that while the footage was new and pertinent, it wouldn’t have changed their perception of the incident, as they already possessed sufficient alternative footage to make an informed decision.

The stewards’ decision not to reopen the matter was communicated to Aston Martin, albeit with a delay due to logistical reasons involving the availability of all Chinese Grand Prix stewards to sign off on the verdict promptly.

Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, expressed frustration over what he perceived as unfair penalties against his drivers, especially when compared to instances where similar incidents went unpunished. Additionally, Fernando Alonso raised concerns over potential bias in penalty decisions, suggesting differential treatment based on nationality and indicating his intention to address the issue with the FIA.



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