The Never-Ending Evolution of Pirelli’s F1 Tires

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The Never-Ending Evolution of Pirelli's F1 Tires
Pirelli's F1 Tires (Credits: Pirelli)

Pirelli, the company that makes tires for Formula 1 cars, has a difficult job. Every year, they have to make tires that can handle the increasing speed and power of the cars. They also have to be ready for any new rules that might come up.

Last year, Pirelli was preparing to make tires that could work without special blankets in 2024. But then, the plan changed, and they had to stick with the old tires.

This change affected this year’s races. Usually, Pirelli tests new tires during the season to make sure they can handle the faster cars. But this year, they couldn’t do that because they were using the same tires as last year.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2020 and 2021, there were no new tires because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are two main reasons why they couldn’t make new tires this year. First, they were focusing on making tires without blankets. But then, they decided to keep using the blankets. Second, they had a new tire design ready for this year, so they didn’t have time to test new ones.

The Never-Ending Evolution of Pirelli's F1 Tires
Pirelli’s F1 Tires (Credits: Pirelli)

Despite using the same tires, the teams were okay with it. They didn’t have to worry about learning how to use new tires while building their new cars.

The teams also had an easier time testing their new cars because they knew what to expect from the tires.

Pirelli is confident that the tires will hold up this year. They say they have enough information to make sure the tires can handle the cars’ increased speed.

They can also adjust the tire pressure during races if needed. This helps them deal with unexpected problems, like tires getting too hot.

Even though they’re not making new tires this year, Pirelli is already thinking about the future. They’re planning to make new tires for 2025 and 2026, when the rules for Formula 1 cars will change again.

They’re working with the teams to test the new tires and make sure they’ll work well with the new cars.

Making tires for Formula 1 cars is a tough job, but Pirelli is up to the challenge. They’re always looking for ways to make the races better for everyone involved.


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